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Project Description
Baml Localizer is a set of tools to translate your WPF application.
This tools follows mainly the LocBaml workflow as described in

04/22/2010 - Version 0.1 (alpha) has been released (Version 0.1 (alpha))

Please let me know what you think about Baml Localizer:
Ideas and suggestions for Baml Localizer

Closer description
Baml Localizer follows the Workflow as described in
The LocBaml tool in a modified version is included in Baml Localizer.

The main disadvantages of the Workflow described by Microsoft are:
  • It is error prone: Because nobody checks if you stick to the Workflow, it's verry likely to do mistakes - and in worst case translations get lost.
  • It's not really possible to do translation in a team.

Baml Localizer will solve these two problems as follows:
  • Put all steps of the Workflow in an easy to use UI.
  • Seperate and merge subsets of the localizable texts into smaler pices to allow any teammember to translate to that languages he knows best.
An extra translation editor will allow team external people to do a subset of localization as well.

Future plans
  • Create a VS 2010 Plugin to use Baml Localizer without switching applications
  • Add support for Auto translation with custom dictionaries

Main window for workflow

Project settings

Translation editor

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